Why do Logistics need GPS Tracking?

Vehicle GPS is no more a fancy feature. There are many logistics companies that have already started using GPS technology to monitor the movements of their vehicles, and the efficiency, and safety of the delivery process. However, there are some companies that haven’t yet adopted GPS tracking. This write-up is for them. 

It is expected that the global vehicle tracking market will cross $11 billion by 2024. Heavy commercial vehicles will see a growth of 12% from 2017 to 2024. 

Here, we’ll learn how the technology works and how it benefits logistics.

 How does GPS technology work?

A vehicle GPS tracking system is usually available in two parts, one is a GPS that is placed in your vehicle and the other is monitoring software. The technology has become so advanced that you can even access it with the help of your smartphones and tablets for the management and safety of your fleet.

The tracking system allows the user to monitor statistics about the position, location, and vehicle usage. There is a piece of in-depth information available about vehicle speed, fuel consumption, distance covered, and also real-time location. The mobile GPS tracking system facilitates two-way communication between the fleet manager and the driver.

 A GPS tracking system has the potential to make logistics management more efficient for you as well as add value to your ongoing business.

How GPS tracking benefits logistics?

Monitor driving

The GPS trackers are packed with driving monitoring technology that tracks how a driver drives. This has become a common reason why some drivers are reluctant to use this technology. However, companies can use it to set standards and offer incentives to driver/s with the best driving skills. 

Better fleet management

The purpose of a vehicle tracker is to make fleet management efficient and easy. As you’re already aware of the routes and locations of the vehicles, thus planning and organizing the delivery becomes effective. The number of steps involved in the process can also be decreased by using GPS tracking.

Maximum use of resources

Drivers are considered the heart and soul of a logistic business and managing them efficiently is essential for the success of your business. The GPS tracking software enables you to find out your fleet’s exact status – vehicles that are idle, vehicles out on delivery, and so on.

Improve Fuel Usage

Driving behavior like sudden acceleration, aggressive braking, and over-speeding can raise the fuel consumption of any vehicle and damage the efficiency of the engine. GPS tracking monitors such behaviors and provides you with the exact statistics.

Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications let you control your delivery operations. With the facility of real-time communication, you can give instant and direct instructions to drivers. Problems such as idling, unauthorized usage, etc can be effectively dealt with. 


Real-time data helps you make immediate and informed choices. Get rid of loads of paperwork and let your drivers drive freely. 

Best Routes

Logistics is heavily dependent on route optimization in order to decrease costs and get maximum return on their investments. Factors such as pick up and drop stations, distance, vehicle capacity, traffic, etc are to be considered to find out the best routes. The GPS tracking system considers all these factors and tells you the best route.

Lower Your Expenditure

Owning a logistic business is an expensive affair. With GPS technology, none of your employees need to maintain any sort of records regarding the routes or the fleet. The software collects all the data without any human intervention – drastically lowering the costs.

Decreases Chances of Theft

Logistic companies deal with costly shipments. On top of that, vehicles are also huge investments. These vehicles are always prone to theft with little protection from insurance companies. A GPS tracking system minimizes the risk of hijacking or theft because you always know your vehicle’s real-time location.

These are some of the benefits only as the list is not extensive. With time, GPS tracking software is becoming a must in all industries, especially logistics.

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