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GPS Tracker

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GPS Omnitracker allows you to keep track of and secure the things that matter most to you:your company, cars, and precious valuables.


Fleet Dash-cams

AI Enabled Dashcam

Record crucial events with cloud-connected,continuously captured footage and instantly find the clips you need to learn in minutes what really happened.


Asset Tracker

Solar Powered GPS Trackers

The compact and stylish built asset tracker is suitable for useful mobile asset applications like containers, yachts, yawls, baggage, bikes, people, etc.


Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracker

Fleet Tracker captures real-time signals from satellite, and tracks abundant Fleet movement data in a GPS receiver or remotely transmitted to the server via GPRS/4GLTE/5G and wifi.


Omnitracking Platform

White labeled GPS Tracking Platform

Help your fleet satisfy consumer demand for fast,reliable and streamlined service and ensure productivity in operations.

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions


Power of GPS Omnitracker

Gain insight on what's actually going on in the fleet to further boost health,performance and customer support. See how our clients change their enterprises using digital telematics.

Precise machine vision

Artificial Intelligence identifies dangerous and impaired driving.


Our recent Integrated hardwares

The GPS Omnitracker vehicle tracking technology is used all over the world.It presently works with over 200 different GPS tracking devices,including personal GPS trackers,car controllers and software-based “trackers” deployed as smartphone applications. Omnitracker can also analyze data from aftermarket sensors(weight,humidity,light,temperature and other parameters),cameras,tachographs and other GPS hardware connected to GPS tracking systems.

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

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Become a member of our worldwide telematics association. With linked IoT solutions and rich analytics,you can help your clients revolutionize their businesses.

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17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

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